Sunflowers basking in the sunshine…the story so far

It’s been an epic journey for our sunflowers!

A Grow Wild & New-XING collaboration formed in late April…our vision: to create a haven for bees with beautiful sunflowers, to transform New Cross Road (A2) and other nearby urban areas into an extraordinary bee-friendly environment!

We didn’t have long to get the target of 1000 sunflowers planted…so activities started immediately…

Here is the story so far in pictures:

Preparing the ground and transplanting:


Events helped a lot – here we are at the Big Lunch on Telegraph Hill:

And the final results:

So keep an eye out for our sunflowers as you’re out and about in New Cross, and stay tuned for more details on further events coming up soon!

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I'm obsessed with photography, taking on projects involving animals, environmental causes and gardening projects. I live in London, in the United Kingdom.

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