The New Trend of Rattan Furniture is Hitting the UK Summer 2018

As we move into the warm weather that’s hit the UK by storm, and when we aren’t planting new borders (see growing guides) we will start to think more about our next bbq, and for that we need some garden furniture to sit on.

Now there is a new type of furniture that’s become popular for the patio over the last few months called plastic rattan, and today I want to introduce you to it.

What is plastic rattan furniture?

Rattan patio chair set

Modern rattan furniture is actually made from uPVC plastics, which makes it an easier material to form into outdoor furniture. It also allows for a wider range of colours to be produced, and makes the furniture resistant to the suns UV rays, which prevents fading and rotting. You can find out more about this range of furniture here:

How does it differ from traditional rattan?

Traditional rattan furniture is made from the plant rattan, which used the leaves to weave around furniture. It had a classic hard shell feel to it, with the familiar creaking whenever you sat on an older natural rattan chair.

Natural rattan chair

Is rattan furniture weatherproof?

Yes, most premium quality rattan garden furniture is weatherproof, if it has UV stabilized strands woven over an aluminium frame. This is because aluminium won’t rust in the cold and wet weather, whilst UV stabilization prevents the sun from degrading the weave, ensuring it doesn’t rot or become faded.

Can you leave it outside in winter?

Yes, plastic rattan or wicker can be left outside in the winter, so long as it has an aluminium frame that will not rust. Otherwise it should be stored indoors.

Can you use it indoors?

Yes rattan is fantastic for use indoors, in your conservatory, sunroom, or other indoor room. It can be a nice corner rocking chair, a dining set for family meals, or a large sofa set to spread out and relax in the afternoon.

How does it compare to natural rattan conservatory furniture?

A natural rattan conservatory set used to consist of oversized bright coloured cushions, and an old brown style creaky rattan chair or sofa, which had rounded arms.

Plastic rattan conservatory sofa set

These have become out of favour in recent years, as people move into a more modern type of rattan conservatory chair, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What sort of price range is modern rattan furniture?

If you go for the cheaper variations of the furniture, you can often pick up a fairly large set for around the £200 mark. However beware of these cheaper ones, as they will not be weatherproof, and are probably made of cheap rattan and cheap steel frames.

For a premium quality weatherproof rattan set with cushions, you can often be looking at a price of £600 + for a 4 seater dining set, with perhaps some bistro sets priced at more of the £500 mark.

If you choose from sets of reclining rattan garden furniture, then the average price you pay will often be in the £700 – £1500 range.

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