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Weekend Break To Barcelona

There comes a time when every single Mother has to take a break.

I love looking after my boys, but sometimes they can get too much for one person.

airplane-windowWhen a single Mum wants to take a weekend break, usually they’ll have to take their kids with them – then it ceases to be a holiday. I’m fortunate enough, however, to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive village community who have been kind enough to look after my boys whilst I take a trip to sunny Barcelona!

They did most of the work themselves really. My Mancunian talking lads have really done themselves proud – making friends during the Summer Holidays with our neighbours and then finding even more pals in the playground in the opening weeks of their first school term, here in Herefordshire.

Of course, I’ve had to do my bit as well, with the Community Garden and the Veg Boxes.

boys-okUs Jerichos are a family that don’t mind putting ourselves out there – now we have a wonderful group of friends, who I feel comfortable leaving my kids with over a long weekend.

Barcelona is a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, it’s the vibrant cultural centre of Spain that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Last weekend, I became one of those tourists.

After the first month of getting the boys settled into their new school, I felt like I really needed to get away for a few days – the boys had friends to stay with, and I wanted to make some new ones in Spain!

The flights cost a meager £70 and I found a simple website to book car a space for the weekend (I’ll drop all the useful links at the bottom of the post here, so you can plan your own trip!), so before you know it I was on the plane, setting out on my own Mediterranean excursion for less than £100!


I thought I’d miss the boys a little bit, whilst I was away, but it all flew by so fast…I actually didn’t.

Here are a few snaps of my weekend away (Barcelona, I miss you already!):


My amazing hotel room, just off the Plaza de Catalunya.


This gorgeous paella cost a whopping 20 euros, luckily I had someone to share it with!


I was lucky enough to meet Pablo in the reception of my hotel – we were both travelling alone, so we thought we’d pair up.


The view from the top of the hill, after a long hike we sat at the top with a glass of bubbly – lovely!

I had the best time in Barcelona – wonderful people, tasty food and endless sunshine – I’ll definitely be going back.

I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing Pablo again, he had to travel back to his native country of Portugal and I had to return to gardening and my boys. I would say this to any single Mothers who feel that they can’t leave the country by themselves:

You can and you should.

Us single Mums work hard to raise our kids and we sacrifice a lot for them. At least once a year, you should find a way of escaping the country and live a different life for a while – thank me later.

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