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My Top 5 Foodie Influences

When I made the move down to Herefordshire 12 weeks ago, I needed to make some drastic life changes in order to move on with my life in a healthy fashion.

I’d spent years eating terribly and feeding my kids with the same rubbish. In danger of slipping into a teary, chocolate fuelled, depression I ‘manned’ up and hit the books- well…the internet.

This list is comprised of my Top 5 Favourite Food Bloggers – these wonderful people helped me get through a super difficult time in my life and I cannot recommend their recipes enough:

Deliciously Ella – Ella Woodward

ellaElla’s story is one that every Veggie Foodie knows. Diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in 2011, her life was put into disarray as her heart rate and blood pressure flew out of control. With a host of other symptoms including food allergies and migraines – she had to drastically change her life in order to get better.

Cataloguing her journey off medication and into good health, her recipes utilise raw foods to provide delicious healthy alternatives to otherwise sinful foods and desserts. A true rags-to-riches story that has inspired hundreds of other bloggers to follow suit (including me!), Ella is the poster girl for food bloggers worldwide.

Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon

angelaRecovering from an eating disorder, Angela was not only forced to explore plant-based healthy alternative food substances, she also had to learn how to cook them! She had quite the challenge experimenting with vegan and whole foods to impress her husband, a ‘devout fast-food lover’.

Her blog is a triumph of perseverance and beauty. An honest writer, she’s open about her experimentation. Her thought processes are clearly tracked and her recipes are always accompanied with gorgeous photography. Another true honest-to-God inspiration whose books have sold in the thousands!

That Was Vegan – Barbara Musick

barbOn the smaller scale end of the spectrum, Barbara Musick is a vegan food blogger who has been consistently writing recipes for the past four years. After turning vegan in 2010, she aimed at guiding meat-eaters and omnivores into the sometimes bewildering world of whole foods and veganism.

Clean and simply constructed, her blog is personal and creative – making the most of her background in marketing and branding. Although Barb’s yet to make the transition from food blogger to international best-seller, she’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Eatori – Tori Haschka

toriWhen Australian-born Tori was growing up she would only eat foods that were white. Her journey from anaemic picky eater to full blown foodie is catalogued in her wonderfully detailed blog (as well as not one, but four books!).

Tori’s Aussie humour is always front and centre in her writing and it makes her recipes a joy to cook. Her personal stories of juggling her hectic family life with her occupation as a food-writer makes for great reading and, although a lot of her food includes meat, her recipes are healthy and delicious.

My New Roots – Sarah Britton

sarahOne of the longest working bloggers on this list, Sarah has been creating whole food and plant-based meals since 2007 from her home in Toronto. A holistically trained Nutritionist and fully certified Nutritional Practitioner, her dual education has helped inform her methods for creating delicious balanced meals.

Bursting with optimism and enthusiasm, Sarah’s blog is a mecca for all things good for the body. Her holistic approach to life informs the reader on everything from healthy eating to exercise to harnessing a positive mental outlook. If you’re looking for a way to completely reshape your life, Sarah will be able to help you out!

These guys were all absolutely instrumental in getting me into the world of plant-based cooking and healthy eating. Their zest for life and ambition has inspired me to take control over my eating, and as a result my boys and I have never been in better shape.

If I can achieve half as much as these lovely ladies, then I’ll be a happy Mum!