The Dilwyn Community Garden

Home to the vegetables and herbs that will make our kids stronger.

When the boys and I arrived in Dilwyn, we were a little shocked by the drastic change in the pace of life.


I’d spent 5 years working my way up through the competitive world of Advertising, whilst I was married.

My ex-husband had worked for a living too, we’d drop our boys off at a babysitters in the morning and pick them up at around 6:30pm each night, after they’d been to school.

This only left us with a precious hour or so at the end of the day to talk to our boys and prize some information out of them, before they dived into the internet and video games. After moving away from the city and jacking in the old job, I was able to pick up and drop off my boys from school every day of the week.

What’s more, now I had more time on my hands, I could meticulously plan every detail of their eating plans.¬†Although I was excited to start feeding my sons the healthy foods that would make them stronger, I was shocked by how expensive these whole foods and vegetables were and¬†also by how few of their school friends had heard of them.

With the aid of the internet (and a few good books) I was able to map out a plan for a seasonal garden and herb patch that could quite easily sustain a few families. After speaking to the Council, I obtained permission to start cultivating a small unused patch of land near the village centre and so the Dilwyn Community Garden was born.

veg-boxWith the help of my boys, as well as a dozen or so kind volunteers, we managed to start cultivating seasonal vegetables and herbs that were distributed through the use of crates to different families each week. The idea was less about supplying a large quantity of vegetables and more about providing parents with the opportunity of cooking with ingredients that they might not usually consider buying.

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the people of Dilwyn, we’ve managed to maintain the garden for over 12 weeks and have delivered a veritable bounty of herbs and vegetables to over 50 households.