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A Weekend in Liverpool

Moving away from Manchester was always going to be tough on my boys, but I wasn’t prepared for how displaced I was going to feel, trading the city life in for the countryside.

Leaving my job to start my own gardening business has been a daunting task but fulfilling.

day-outHaving sole responsibility over my business’ finances has been a real challenge and totally satisfying. Thankfully I’ve had one of my best friends Jess to help me all the way through. I worked with this special lady for 3 years before leaving Manchester and missed her sorely when I first moved away.

So, when she discovered she was pregnant last month, I jumped at the opportunity to meet with her up North for a reunion.

baby-groWith the boys with their Dad for the weekend, I was free to drive myself up and help her shopping for some baby clothes in Liverpool.

Although I’d brought up as much of the boys’ old stuff as possible, I wanted to treat Jess to a Baby Shower gift, so we visited a children’s designer store just outside of town. After finding some gorgeous bits and pieces there we moved into the heart of the city to grab a coffee and get a taste of the metropolitan renaissance the city is currently experiencing.

Although I’d never had the opportunity to visit in the past, I’d always heard about Liverpool’s friendly vibe and easy to navigate centre. It didn’t disappoint, all the shops and restaurants on our list were within a 20 minute walk from each other – perfect for a pregnant Mum and her lazy friend!

bold-stOur first port of call was a much needed caffeine dose at Bold Street Coffee. One of countless independent cafés and restaurants that have popped up over the last few years, this was a smartly chic establishment that served delicious coffee and a rather sinful pecan pie that I shared with Jess (who was obviously drinking decaf).

Bold Street is a bustling thoroughfare that has remained relevant, despite the development of a multi-million pound shopping centre just a few hundred metres away, largely in part to the myriad of eateries and vintage clothes stores that have jumped at the opportunity of low cost rent in an up and coming city.

With the coffees urging us on, we hit up every whole food and vintage store we could find. I left with some new brands of tofu that I’m yet to try and Jess found a lovely maternity dress that won’t make her look like Stevie Wonder (a problem most pregnant women have to deal with at some point).

egg-cafeTired and thoroughly starved, we stopped off for lunch at The Egg, Liverpool’s foremost vegan/vegetarian restaurant. In the cosy attic of a Victorian warehouse, this quaint eatery has been open for nearly a decade. Offering great value, a Liverpool tradition that is wonderfully refreshing, we ate two courses (cheese on artisan toast, broccoli quiche and vegan banana cake) all for the ridiculous price of £9.75 – the deal even included a coffee at the end!

I’m so awful at goodbyes, as soon as I saw Jess tearing up it triggered a chain reaction of weeping that took quite some time to get over.

I’ll be visiting her again as soon as I can, until then I’ll have to console myself with the kilogram of tofu that I’m taking back with me to Herefordshire – tune in next week to see what I do with it!